Manufacturing and Engineering

Offshore Equipment Manufacturing

CTS are a DNV DNV-Approved manufacturing facility incorporating up-to-date production and testing methods. A range of offshore products are manufactured for sale and/or lease.


Design and Engineering Services

CTS offer a full Cryogenic Tank Design service and are fully familiar with applicable US, Australian, & European design standards. Previous projects include Cryogenic road tankers, static storage vessels to 350KL and offshore ISOs.

CTS are happy to undertake any non-Cryogenic design projects (eg offshore equipment ). Please feel free to make an enquiry.

DNV-Approved Offshore Gas Quad DNV-Approved Offshore Quad-Pod
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About Us

CTS are uniquely qualified to offer a full range of services, tailored to clients ranging from Well-service companies to International Gas corporations and smaller scale operators.

We are ISO 9001:2015-approved facility.


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