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Cryogenic Tank Services and Metnor Great Yarmouth Ltd have formed a partnership to provide the rental of pressure test equipment to the oil & gas industry in the South East Asia region. Read more on Announcement.

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Air Filter Skid

  • Used in humid conditions to assist with the smooth running of air-driven pumps.
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AZ Power Packs Model 1 Series

  • Infinitely variable output pressure and flow and will hold static pressure without generating heat or consuming power.
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Chart Recorder

  • Portable Mechanical Chart Recorder for the accurate measurement and recording of Pressure or Temperature.
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DHDA Test Pump

  • Air operated, double acting hydraulic pumps for pressure testing, chemical injection and hydraulic power.
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Gas Booster

  • Designed to boost bottled gases such as air, nitrogen or helium, up to higher pressures.
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Hand Pump

  • Portable Hand Pumps suitable for pressure testing valves, Pipework, vessels etc whether in workshop or on-site locations.
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High volume Diaphragm , Transfer Pumps

  • Portable Air-Driven diaphragm pump used for the transfer of large amounts of fluid from one point to another or for pre-filling of large volume test vessels.
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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hose assemblies

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic hose assemblies used to deliver liquid or gas at pressure for either the assistance of power or transfer.
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OPS Skid

  • Air operated, 10,000psi range Over Pressurisation Skid designed to be installed in-line during pumping / pressurisation operations to provide protection against accidental over-pressurisation of system.
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Pressure Relief valves

  • Portable Pressure Relief Valves for relieving excess pressure automatically.
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Standard Test Gauge

  • 6” and 10” Standard Test Gauge. Portable Standard Test Gauge for the accurate measure of Pressure.
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HP Hose Care

  • Care and Use of High Pressure Hose. Do's & Don'ts for the proper safety practices when using high pressure hose.
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Chart Recorder

  • Chart Recorder Manual
  • Portable Mechanical Chart Recorder for the accurate measurement and recording of Pressure or Temperature.
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  • Operating Instruction for Multipurpose Manifold.
  • Manifolds come with SS 316 valves on each port. The valves are normally 10,000 P.S.l., 20,000 P.S.I. or 30,000 P.S.I. on instrument manifolds.
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